Tips for Sharing Your Surrogacy News with the Rest of the World

Who do i talk to about surrogacy

Tips for Sharing Your Surrogacy News with the Rest of the World

At Same Love Surrogacy, it is not lost on us that traditional pregnancies — where a husband and wife become naturally pregnant — get an overwhelming amount of support when it comes to announcing their pregnancies. 

We, too, are overjoyed for each type of growing family and are excited by baby news from near and far. 

We also know that when our clients begin their surrogacy journey, the anticipation of getting a positive pregnancy test is all but unbearable. 

When the moment finally arrives, intended parents can hardly contain themselves from shouting their incredible news from the rooftops, or the more modern platform of social media. 

The larger question becomes, who do I talk to about surrogacy and our parenting plans? 

When is the best time to tell the world that we are pregnant? 

The answer is, it depends. 

While it is a highly personal decision for intended parents to determine when to share their news, some milestones may help ease the anxiety of holding the news in. 

The Beginning Stages of the Surrogacy Process

When you choose surrogacy as the path to parenthood, the initial process may seem arduous — and it should be. 

First, you must know all your options and understand the financial commitment surrogacy requires.

Then you will enter the matching process to find the right surrogate

The question will arise again, who do I talk to about surrogacy? 

Should you tell your family and friends you have decided to become intended parents? 

Who you choose to tell about your decision to become intended parents is completely up to you.. 

In the early stages, there are a lot of decisions that must be made, and many surrogacy processes that must be checked off the list before a baby is near, which can cause significant stress and anxiety. 

When you decide to talk to someone about your surrogacy journey, share the news with supportive friends and family. There is no time for negativity. 

Getting Through the First
Few Surrogacy Journey Milestones

Some intended parents will choose to go public with their news well before they are pregnant, which allows the people closest to them to ask questions and engage in the process. 

Others choose to wait until there is a baby on the way. This is a personal preference. 

However, successful embryo transfers are cause for celebration! You are pregnant! This is what you have been working so hard to achieve, and it is here. 

Who do I talk to about surrogacy now?

Surrogacy journeys have many twists and turns and are longer than traditional pregnancies. With that in mind, consider the fact that the first trimester of the pregnancy is the riskiest. 

Holding onto your pregnancy news may allow for additional privacy from invasive questions and safeguard you from having to reveal a potential early pregnancy loss.

As time progresses, and the baby grows, and the risk of miscarriage or other emergencies decreases, it will make it safer to share such exciting news.

Second & Third Trimesters: Ultrasounds, Gender Reveal, and Parenting Preparation

As the pregnancy becomes safer, and the baby continues to grow, there are going to be a lot of shareable moments, including the surrogate’s growing belly and ultrasounds. 

Some surrogates are completely comfortable with their image being shared with others, while some may have different privacy expectations. 

Openly discuss your surrogate’s wishes with her and be sure to abide by them. 

You have entered a true partnership that requires transparency, trust, and a commitment to the unborn child she is carrying. It is important to respect the surrogate journey from beginning to end. 

Waiting until the midway point of your pregnancy may ensure more privacy for your growing family while giving you time to plan for time away from work while preparing for your new baby’s arrival. 

Congratulations! You Have a Baby!

Announcing that you have a baby is one of the most exciting moments in life and should be met with the most happiness and joy on all fronts. Share your news far and wide and get ready for your life to change in the most amazing way possible. 

Safeguarding Your Privacy on Social Media Platforms

When you are considering the all-important question, who do I talk to about surrogacy, be sure to consider the potential implications behind sharing your news via social media. 

Even with the most stringent privacy settings in place, social media posts can be shared with nearly anyone and everyone who has an account, and even those who do not, simply by taking a screenshot of the post. 

If you do not want your surrogacy journey shared outside of your control, avoid posting about it on social media until you are ready. 

At Same Love Surrogacy, our professionals are available to answer questions about your personal surrogacy journey by contacting us online to learn about your unique options. Our goal is to provide intended parents with a clear path to sharing their own pregnancy news in the best way they see fit. 

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