What are the Physical and Emotional Requirements for Becoming a Surrogate

What are the Physical and Emotional Requirements for Becoming a Surrogate

At Same Love Surrogacy, we have former gestational surrogates on our staff, which is an incredible resource for not only our prospective surrogates, but egg donors, and intended parents who have questions about the complete surrogacy journey. We are extremely proud of the fact that our Director of Surrogacy Services is a 4-time surrogate.

Once we have matched our intended parents with an egg donor, if they do not have a direct or known egg donor of their own, we will proceed with identifying a surrogate who will carry the embryo(s) who will start or grow their family. 

That begins with prescreening those who are becoming a surrogate, so they can be matched with our intended parents without delay. 

What are the Physical Requirements for Becoming a Surrogate for Same Love Surrogacy?

From our initial contact to the physical and emotional requirements and ongoing access to surrogacy support, the health and well-being of everyone involved are paramount to each successful surrogacy journey we facilitate.

When becoming a surrogate for Same Love Surrogacy, our stringent application process involves extensive physical prerequisites. 

They include women becoming a surrogate possessing the following conditions:

  • Between the ages of 21-40 
  • If older than 38, she must have delivered within the last 24 months, have full OBGYN clearance to undergo another pregnancy
  • Delivered a child of her own, whom she is raising, with no serious complications during the pregnancy or delivery
  • Obstetrician and delivery records from previous pregnancies
  • A U.S. Citizen or permanent resident
  • Does not smoke cigarettes, abuse alcohol, or use recreational drugs
  • A Body Mass Index of 32 or less, as required by IVF clinic guidelines set forth by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists 
  • A dependable vehicle and valid driver’s license to attend appointments
  • A stable residence with no plans of moving out of state from the time she submits her application through delivery

What are the Emotional Requirements for Becoming a Surrogate in California?

If the woman who is becoming a surrogate passes all our agency’s preliminary physical screening requirements, she will then participate in a professional mental and emotional evaluation to determine her psychological status for surrogacy. 

First, the surrogate must lead a healthy lifestyle with no evidence of, or prescription medication use for, mental health or adverse emotional issues. 

Next, the surrogate must have a positive outlook regarding the upcoming pregnancy while maintaining a safe, healthy, and emotionally stable home. 

If potential surrogates are married or in a relationship, their partners must consent to and support the surrogacy journey, so the pregnancy is fully respected and supported. The surrogate’s partner must also be willing to undergo any necessary medical screening processes and/or a background check if requested. 

Finally, before becoming a surrogate, you must have a reliable and dedicated network of friends and family who will provide emotional support during the complete surrogacy journey. 

Surrogate mothers are typically some of the most genuinely caring people who are compelled to share their physical ability to safely carry children with those who cannot, and we work tirelessly to match these great women with intended parents who build valuable relationships that support each other’s journey

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a surrogate in California, contact us today, or fill out our online surrogacy application to determine your eligibility to share the gift of childbirth with intended parents who have been waiting their whole lives to have a baby of their own. 

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