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Same Love Surrogacy is committed to making your journey to having a child via surrogacy as worry-free and enjoyable as possible. Transparency is key to that commitment. While the total cost of surrogacy varies from case to case, your personal guide will make sure you understand any potential costs that may arise and help you plan for your family’s future. Following is a list of typical expenses related to surrogacy and/or egg donation. Please note that we offer sliding scale rates for intended parents who have selected a surrogate or donor outside of the Same Love Surrogacy network.   

FULLY ESTIMATED EXPENSE: $135,000 – $165,000

(* All costs are estimates only and will vary from case-to-case)

Breakdown below

Agency Fee for IPs (Domestic):  $22,000 for Surrogate, $6,000 for Egg Donor

Agency Fee for IPs (International):  $25,000 for Surrogate, $6,000 for Egg Donor

Includes finding, screening, and matching a suitable surrogate

Includes finding, screening, and matching a suitable egg donor

Continual guidance, information, and service throughout the entire journey

Use of all SLS’s professional resources – fertility doctors, lawyers, licensed psychologist, escrow/trust companies, and insurance brokers

Screening Fees:  $2,000 

Psychological screening and background check for surrogate and egg donor

Any medical/psychological screenings needed for intended parent(s)

Legal Fees:  $11,000 

Intended Parent(s) surrogate and egg donor contract, parental rights and court fees

Surrogate and egg donor’s attorney fees

Escrow/Trust account fee

Surrogate & Egg Donor Expense: $56,000 to $65,000 

Surrogate Compensation: $40,000 for first time surrogate, $45,000 for a proven surrogate

Surrogate Expenses: $8,000 for monthly expense allowance, cycle/embryo transfer fees, local travel expenses, child/home care and additional expenses if needed (bed rest, lost wages, pumping breast milk, etc.)

Egg Donor Compensation: $8,000 - $11,000

Egg Donor Expenses: $1,000 for travel related expenses and insurance

Additional Expenses (if needed): Multiple Birth $6,000, C-Section $3,000, time off work TBD

IVF Clinic Medical Expenses: $35,000 – $45,000

IVF Clinic fees / Medical Screening for egg donor and surrogate

Medications for surrogate and egg donor

PGD testing on embryos (if desired)

Health Insurance & Delivery Expenses: $10,000

Health Insurance for 1 year

Life Insurance for Surrogate & IP for 18 months

Medical co-pays/hospital/lab expenses for surrogate


Creating a family via surrogacy and/or egg donation is expensive, primarily because of the many steps and many individuals and providers who will be involved in the process. We may be able to help you meet this financial challenge with a range of financing options available to qualified intended parents.

Contact us today to find out if we can assist you with a financing plan custom-designed for your unique situation.

Financing Information

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