Aligning Principles to Advance Gay Surrogacy for Gay Men Worldwide

Gay Surrogacy

Aligning Principles to Advance Gay Surrogacy for Gay Men Worldwide

At Same Love Surrogacy, our founders, all of whom are gay dads, realized early in their quest for gay surrogacy that countless gay men are seeking to become parents using assisted reproductive technology and are lacking the resources to make building a family their reality.

Recognizing and respecting the societal challenges and the financial burden faced by gay men, Same Love Surrogacy joined forces with the non-profit Men Having Babies, or MHB, over five years ago.  MHB is dedicated to providing gay men with educational and financial support to achieve parenthood through surrogacy.  

MHB — in conjunction with a host of partners, including Same Love Surrogacy — annually provides hundreds of couples with over a million dollars in cash grants, discounts, and pro bono services from over seventy surrogacy service providers around the globe through their Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP).

As such, Same Love Surrogacy has partnered with MHB to oversee and manage the journey of one GPAP Stage II same-sex couple each year by waiving our agency fee — a $30,000 savings. 

Beyond this annual participation in GPAP Stage II, we have provided discounts to other GPAP Stage I intended parents from MHB and we are overjoyed to be a part of their surrogacy journeys.  We are proud to continue to support family building from inside our own LGBTQ community. 

Giving the Gift of Parenthood Through Gay Surrogacy

Same Love Surrogacy does more than match our clients with surrogates. We provide surrogacy opportunities so intended parents in our community can realize their dreams of having a baby of their own.

Last year, during our ongoing partnership with MHB, Same Love Surrogacy waived our agency fee to provide a clearer path for Heath and Carlos to become parents. Shortly after, they told the world about their exciting news through a video pregnancy announcement and welcomed their sweet son, Jackson, into their home in March 2020.

As surrogacy advocates, our partnership with MHB and other LGBTQ supporters is truly why we became Same Love Surrogacy. The happiness parenthood brings to the dads — and their new babies — is too important to be unobtainable.

Furthering Gay Surrogacy Through Educational Resources

MHB holds annual conferences, workshops, and webinars that provide Same Love Surrogacy, and over two thousand additional attendees worldwide, with the opportunity to provide unbiased guidance and access to a wide range of relevant surrogacy options — including financial support through grants, and waiving fees like ours, so parenthood is within reach.  

Promoting the Affordability of Gay Surrogacy in the United States

At Same Love Surrogacy, we understand each aspect of our LGBTQ community’s struggles with biological family building and know it is the first of many roadblocks that weigh heavily on intended parents.

As they begin researching gay surrogacy resources, the financial obligation necessary to build meaningful relationships through surrogacy arrangements may seem out of reach.

With resources like MHB, we are helping promote the affordability of gay surrogacy through financial assistance and the encouragement of transparency to make their family-building dreams become a reality.


If you and/or your partner or husband are ready to become dads and would like to learn more about the grants provided by MHB, contact us or them directly to learn how you may qualify for reduced or waived gay surrogacy service fees.  

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