Expanding Our Affiliations to Strengthen Surrogacy for Gay Couples

Surrogacy for gay couples

Expanding Our Affiliations to Strengthen Surrogacy for Gay Couples

At Same Love Surrogacy, our compassionate team of professionals proudly provide the essential resources LGBTQ individuals seek to become parents and are expanding our partnerships to ensure we are consistently building strength in our community.

With our passion for empowering our LGBTQ community, we partnered with an organization called Gays With Kids in September 2020 as one of four founding agencies in the United States to provide West Coast representation for gay, bi, and trans men on their journeys to fatherhood.

How Can Same Love Surrogates and Gays With Kids Help Me Become a Father?

Same Love Surrogacy and Gays With Kids, or GWK, were born from the same challenges and driven by the need to provide solutions that serve the interests and needs of every queer dad and dad-to-be with confidence and pride.

As traditional surrogacy agencies fail to recognize the collective challenges faced by LGBTQ intended parents, organizations like Same Love Surrogacy and Gays With Kids provide a curated and esteemed path to surrogacy for gay couples.

The experience of gay, bi, and trans men and our specific paths to fatherhood is often overshadowed by the public’s focus on expanding traditional families. Together, SLS and GWK are shining a light on dads from all backgrounds whose journeys to fatherhood look far different than a husband-wife journey. 

GWK makes sure every gay, bi, and trans dad feels represented and welcome— regardless of where he lives or his path to fatherhood — with exciting new opportunities to connect with other queer dads around the globe through their inclusive online platform, and an unrivaled collection of resources. 

Same Love Surrogacy has partnered with GWK to ensure surrogacy for gay couples is accessible through a tailored approach in educating intended parents, matching dads with surrogates, and providing financial support to make their dream of becoming parents a reality.

Can We Use Any Surrogacy Agency to Become Dads?

More gay, bi, and trans individuals are seeking to become parents and each deserves to pursue a surrogacy journey that is designed for their unique needs.

The immediate and direct challenges gay, bi, and trans men face when pursuing parenthood are obvious. What becomes even more clear — and frustrating — are the obstacles they encounter when seeking surrogacy solutions specifically for gay couples..

Even though there are more options available for gay couple surrogacy, even agencies that reportedly serve the LGBTQ community as part of their mission fall short in doing so.

At Same Love Surrogacy, we are proud affiliates of Gays With Kids and other organizations who are passionately dedicated to advancing family building options for  LGBTQ intended parents.

Whether you are already a dad or exploring your options as an intended parent, contact us today to learn how together we can minimize the challenges that exploring surrogacy for gay couples presents each day. To learn more about the success of queer families, logon to Gays With Kids “The Being Blog” and become inspired by the possibilities of fatherhood.


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