Mary Magness - Owner & Agency Co-Founder | Same Love Surrogacy
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Owner / Co-Founder


Passionate about Surrogacy, Two-time Surrogate for Gay Dads, Married, Mom of Two


Mary Magness was born in Chicago, Illinois, but is a citizen of the world. She has lived in Hawaii, in Dublin, Ireland, where her family still resides; and for the past 13 years in California. Mary is happily married for almost 10 years and has two children of her own. She has extensive career experience in customer relations management and in-home health care services. Also, for the past two years she has blogged about surrogacy.


It was Mary’s experience as a surrogate for two sets of gay parents that instilled in her the desire to create an agency to better serve this underserved population. She served as surrogate for an Australian gay couple, giving birth to their daughter in 2012. She also served as surrogate for co-owner Brad Spencer and his partner, giving birth to twin boys in November 2013.


Brad and his partner were referred to Mary by mutual friends, who knew about her successful surrogacy with the Australian couple. “We hit it off immediately,” Mary recalls, “and the cool part was that they were local, so they were able to be very involved with the whole pregnancy! With the twins, Brad came with me to all my doctor appointments, and that’s when we began talking about the void in assisted reproductive technology services for gay parents.


“After the boys were born, we decided to act on our ideas, and our relationship changed from that of surrogate and intended parents to business partners. We spoke with many doctors, lawyers, and practitioners involved in all aspects of fertility services. Along the way, we discovered that Danny and Jay were interested in joining us as partners as well.”


Mary loves spending time with family, cooking, reading, watching movies, going on long walks with the family beagle, and traveling. “I wanted to open a surrogacy agency because I love families of all kinds,” Mary says. “I can imagine nothing more rewarding than to help fill the need in someone’s heart to have a child. No one who wants a child should have to suffer the pain and longing of being unable to bear a child—especially today, with so many options available. If someone desires a baby of their own to love, you can bet I’m going to do my best to help them get there.”