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Owners / Co-Founders


Partners for 18 Years, LGBT Advocates, Family Men, Fathers of Twin Boys Via Surrogacy


Jay Cook and Danny Wong are partners who have been together for 18 years. Jay is originally from Grand Haven, Michigan, but has lived in Los Angeles, California, for nearly two decades. Danny was born in Hong Kong but moved with his family to Los Angeles at the age of 3. Both are from large, close-knit families, a background that instilled in them a desire to have a family of their own.


Both men talked about having kids for 15 years. They researched adoption, but as a gay couple encountered regulatory barriers. Finally they decided to save their money and try becoming parents via surrogacy.


Danny and Jay’s story of becoming parents via surrogacy is a cautionary tale with lessons for why intended parents should use an experienced and qualified agency. Danny and Jay attempted to go it alone, and ended up getting swindled, losing lots of money and time, to say nothing of wasted effort, energy and hope. The couple experienced repeated failures with multiple egg donors, doctors, and surrogates. Fortunately, they met Brad, who, thanks to his own experience as an intended parent, was able to guide them to appropriate services. The happy ending: Healthy twin boys, born on July 1, 2014.


Jay holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Fitness Management and an Associate degree in nursing. He managed health clubs for 10 years before becoming a nurse. He currently serves as an Emergency Room Registered Nurse and teaches nursing. He enjoys camping, downhill skiing, boating, hiking and exercising.


Danny attended University of California Davis and Cal Poly Pomona, with a focus in Business Information Technology. He has worked in the Information Technology field for over 10 years. His hobbies are photography, skiing, hiking and camping.


Both Danny and Jay are members of GAPSN (Gay Asian and Pacific Support Network), which offers advice and support to gay Asian people and their friends during the coming-out process. They were inspired by their own lengthy and disheartening difficulties in becoming parents to join Brad and Mary in creating a full-service surrogacy agency committed to making the journey easier and better for others.